Two Become One

An acquaintance once told me he was inspired to learn to ballroom dance after seeing a couple move “effortlessly” across the floor as a single unit. Couples competently doing a progressive dance (one that moves around the floor such as waltz or foxtrot) truly appear to be a single unit. Though this may look effortless, it is achieved only with the necessary body posture, balance, muscle tone and foot placement of each dancer thereby creating the vital connection between them. The dance partners move from a common “center” and communicate with each other through the dance connection.

This description of a dancing couple moving in unison brings to mind another comparison to Christian marriage. A common scriptural reference in wedding ceremonies, Genesis 2: 24 says: For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

The dancing couple is a picture of this “profound mystery” described in scripture. Each individual fulfills a designated role with a cooperative spirit. Each one depends upon the other to independently execute his or her steps. Being united in Christ, the partners share a common focus or “center” which enhances communication and coordinated movement.

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One thought on “Two Become One

  1. Annette on said:

    I think you’re right on here, Dawn. To lead and to follow both have their respective responsiblities and priveledges. One cannot be successful without the other. Both must be willing to work together to make the dance or marriage happen. Sometimes stutter steps occur, which require a pause, focused attention, refocus, and a restart.

    Interesting that you talk about what each person must bring to the dance… posture, balance, muscle tone, foot placement… as with a marriage, each partner must take care of themselves… posture (upright, yet humble before God and with their spouse), balanced in areas of life (mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual health), strengthened in each area as well, and willing to step into this common relationship.

    Each person needs to prepare oneself for the dance, be willing to join in the dance, and be yielded in the relationship so as to bring out the best in the other.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, Dawn!

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