Does “high performance” describe your marriage?

“Dancing with you is like driving a Porsche.”

I recognized this as a generous compliment from my dance partner, even though I’m not a sports car enthusiast.

Yet to satisfy my curiosity, I searched online to find out what people had to say about driving a Porsche. Here are some findings I believe reflect the intent of the leader’s comment:

“Quick and responsive steering”

“A small push on the gas pedal will accelerate the car quickly.”

“AMAZING handling and performance”

 “The suspension keeps the car much more firmly planted on the road.”

The leader’s role in dance is easily compared to driving a car (as well as a motorcycle, I’ve been told). The leader is responsible for the equivalent of steering, acceleration and braking. And the follower’s contribution and response to his lead can determine how well “the car” (the couple) performs.

If the follower is executing her role well, the leader’s experience is akin to driving a premium sports car. If not, the experience might well be compared to driving a piece of heavy machinery.

I believe this holds true in marriage as well as dance, particularly in light of these proverbs:

A quarreling wife is as bothersome as a continual dripping on a rainy day. Proverbs 27:15, NCV


An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31:10, NASB

Wives, how would your husband describe his experience in leading your marriage … like driving a sleek sports car or operating a tank? Your support of his leadership role can make the difference.

Here are a few sentences Porsche uses to describe their cars: “Our vehicles are not only remarkable – they are also designed to last. This is because they meet our exacting standards in terms of quality and safety. The result: high performance meets outstanding everyday practicality.”

Want to improve your marriage performance? Learn to dance together, literally or figuratively, in 2013.

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