MarriageDance celebrates God’s relationship plan. Our Creator made us for a life of adventure, intimacy and joy. How well does your marriage reflect these intentions?

Unfortunately, in this broken world, our marriages often fall far short of what our Creator planned, short of the relational gifts he desires for us.

The vision of MarriageDance is to enhance unity and partnership in Christian marriages so couples experience more of God’s good intentions for marriage, reflect the Biblical principles of marriage to the world around them, glorify God and advance His Kingdom on earth.

MarriageDance is a faith-based, non-profit organization, founded on the one true God and the saving grace of his son Jesus Christ. It is our desire to glorify God and honor his plan for marriage. MarriageDance programs are written from a biblical world view, upholding the Creator’s plan for marriage.

Our mission is to apply ballroom dance as a lens for viewing scriptural marriage principles, providing engaged and married couples with practical skills that benefit their relationship.

Want to experience more adventure, intimacy and joy in your marriage? Consider the principles discussed on our blog, or contact us about holding a MarriageDance workshop at your church or with a group of friends.

Listen to our October 2012 blogtalkradio interview on The Heart and Soul of Relationships with Mayi Dixon.

Our founder

The founder of MarriageDance is an avid social dancer who has a heart to see Christian marriages strengthened for the glory of Creator God, who intentionally designed men and women distinctly and complementary in his own image. She finds dancing to be a little glimpse of heaven on earth, as a man and a woman operate in those moments in accordance with the Grand Design. She has studied and practiced ballroom and swing dancing since 1997, and she conducts training for Christian couples including pastors and church leaders who wish to facilitate the MarriageDance workshop.

Our advisors

We are grateful to our advisors, who are generous in sharing time, talents, wisdom and encouragement:

Domini Boling is a former member of the Boston Ballet and an avid worship dancer. She currently directs the annual Jubilate Worship Dance Conference in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Huntley Cuthrell is a partner with Acts Communication. After working more than 25 years in sales and marketing for the paper industry, he followed his heart to start a new venture promoting “acts of goodness.”

Lori Ferguson is the author of Encourage Your Spouse, a blog dedicated to helping spouses lead meaningful lives, encouraging each other and making a difference in the world around them. She and her husband counsel couples in business together.

Frank Garrick is a business development professional, a certified teacher licensed in two states, an educational services consultant, a fitness and wellness advocate, a volleyball coach, and a swing dance instructor.

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  1. Beautiful! I agree. The frame and the picture analogy is another one I hadn’t thought of, but like very much–in both marriage and dance. Just look at the costumes–the moves, the shapes in dancing!

    • MarriageDance on said:

      Thanks, Susan, and please do keep in touch!

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